Friday, March 23, 2012

We're almost there!!

As of this morning, we have raised a little over $2,800!! We are so humbled and thankful for the outpouring and generosity of our community and beyond! If you do not know the story of the Wallace family, please read in our first post. We shared recently that the family has found a mobile home for about $4,000 (plus moving costs). We are so close to being able to provide this home for them, so we are going to continue fundraising until we are able to do this for them!! Continue to spread the word to your friends, families, communities and churches and pray about how you can help this family! We originally set out to raise as much as we could for them, not knowing a set amount of money that they would need. Now that we know the need, we really want to meet this need with the partnership of all of you! Thank you for all of the support and generosity! We are so humbled and grateful for all of the donations, and have so many stories to share from the sweet kids and families that have sacrificed for this family.

This morning in KFC, we talked about the good Samaritan. It is so easy to see a need, and continue on with the priorities of our lives. But what an example of loving a neighbor for the Samaritan to stop, help, and provide for the needs of the man on the side of the road in a very desperate situation. There are so many lessons to learn from that story. What stuck out to me was that a very intelligent, successful man considered to be an "expert" in the law was asking Jesus how he could inherit eternal life. Jesus pointed back to scripture saying that He commanded us to first love HIM with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and then right next in line was loving our NEIGHBOR as ourselves. When it all comes down to it, it is all about loving God, and loving people. How simple is that? But how easy it is to forget when we get wrapped up in our own lives and priorities. THANK YOU for loving on this family!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The story...

The Wallace family lived together in a mobile home in the Moore’s Mill area. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, their 2 sons, their daughter and her child all lived together. During the recent tornado, they lost their home, vehicles, and almost all of their possessions when the tornado tore through their property. They had just finished paying off the mobile home, and are completely uninsured. They are currently both on disability. Many of you have probably heard their story on the news. What brought our attention to this family specifically was the fact that they have no insurance policy to replace what was lost.

Response: We believe that it is our job as Christians to extend the grace and blessings that have been poured out on us to bless those around us in time of need. If this is not living out the true meaning of the Gospel, what is? In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches that when we meet the needs of those around us, it is as if we are doing it unto Him. At Central Kids for Christ this year, we have
been talking about the importance of being a LIGHT to the world. What a great way to shine the LIGHT by giving to this family in response and thanksgiving to what God has already blessed us
with. Kids for Christ would like to partner with the rest of our Central family, community, churches, and businesses to make a difference in the lives of the Wallace family. Please help us get the word out by reproducing this flyer and/or sharing the information in your neighborhood,
churches, sports teams, and families!

How can you help? We are challenging our community to not just
try to raise funds for this family, but to reach our ultimate goal of RAISING
ENOUGH FUNDS TO BUY THIS FAMILY A MOBILE HOME. This is a very large family, and their biggest need is a place to live. That sounds like a lofty goal, but we know
that we live in a community that can make this possible. It is our prayer that this love that we pour out on the Wallace family will reflect the love of our Savior!
There are three ways that you can DONATE!
1) Send a check to your child’s teacher at Central made payable to “Central Kids for
Christ Fund”

2) Go by any Redstone Federal Credit Union and
donate to the “Central Kids for Christ Fund”

3) Pay online here!!! Click "DONATE"

*Check this website for updates on our
progress and for more pictures and information about the family!
The DEADLINE for donations is Friday, March 23. We will meet for KFC on that day and talk
about the fundraiser!
THANK YOU in advance for your partnership in this. We can’t wait to see how God multiplies the
donations that are given. We can already see his hand at work.

John and Lindsey Gorin (,
Central Kids for Christ